Igl Industries Plt

is a car coating material supplier company. Our main office is located in Petaling Jaya (PJ), Selangor. We are the main distributor of Igl car coating products in Malaysia. Igl Industries Plt's mission is to develop coatings that are set to redefine the detailing industry. With the help from Bayer, BASF, Du-pont, Shin-etsu and Wacker Chemie, the basic formulations were reinvented into today's ecocoat series.

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The coated surface is protected from the harsh environment such as dust, pollen, bird poop, acid rain & harmful UV. This reduces the maintenence cost needed to preserve the aesthetic value of your vehicle.
The hydrophobic effect from our coating creates a self cleaning effect. This is ude to the coating’s ability to create a very low surface tension. Dust, dirt, tree saps and contaminants will only sit on top of the coated surface and gets washed off easioy with water.

Contaminants that does manage to attach to the coatings are removed easily without the need to use any aggressive mechanical process. Deicing and cleaning of the surface is extremely easy.
Marring happens when you wash, dry, or touch your paint or when brake dust attacks the wheel. As these marring build up, they reduce the gloss level of the surface significantly. IGL Coatings is proven to resist these marrings when properly maintained and cared for.
Benefits of The Coating
  • No more Waxing
  • Acid Rain Protection
  • No More Polish
  • Weather Protection
  • Deep Gloss Visual Effect
  • UV-Weather Protection
  • Easy to Clean / Self Cleaning Effect
  • Hydrophobic (Water-Repelling)
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Safe to User
  • Scratch Resistance
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